Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's bring our girl home! Weekend flyering!

Weekend Fliering: 11:00 AM on Saturday, Forestville/District Heights

Please join us this weekend--to those who have come out week after week, thank you for again participating!

Where: Petco; 3034 Donnell Drive
Forestville, MD 20747

When: Saturday, 11 AM

What: Flier the area and search for Sweetie; hand out business cards

What to bring:
- 50 copies of the flier (download at right or leave a comment for us to email you the flier)
- 50 plastic sheet covers (to protect the fliers from rain),
- staple gun or 50 thumbtacks to hang your fliers, tape
- Sweetie's business cards (down load at right or leave a comment for us to email you the business cards), to hand out to folks you meet while fliering
- Stinky treats, like hot dogs or cat food
- A leash
- Water and a snack for you

What to wear: Wear comfortable walking clothing and a red shirt or jacket so we can easily identify you as part of the search team.

If you can't be on site, but still want to help the search effort, please donate! Thank you!

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