Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweetie Flyer Removal

We are organizing an effort to remove all those Sweetie flyers we all posted over the last several months. Now the search is over, it's time to remove those flyers.

If you have some time this weekend, please join us on Saturday, @ 10am, to help remove flyers. Details are below:

Date: Saturday, April 10
Time: 10am
Location: Meet at Burger King on Silver Hill Road (strip mall on the corner of Penn Ave & Silver Hill)

Volunteers will meet at Burger at 10am and given areas of town to concentrate, to ensure all the flyers are removed.

Please RSVP to Stephanie at sktulip@gmail.com.

Thank you for all your help!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweetie has passed away

We just went out and identified her body. Sweetie was hit by a car on Erie in SE DC. We are heartbroken over this, as we were SO CLOSE. We had a time and place that we were pretty sure we could trap her in the enclosure trap.

She is happily playing at the Rainbow Bridge with her dear friend, Buddy, who went to the Rainbow Bridge mid-March. Thank you for all your efforts everyone!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ANOTHER sightiing

One of our volunteers saw Sweetie with her very own eyes! Hanging out at the Senior Wellness Center on the corner of Alabama and 30th SE in DC. It's a shame our girl is so shy, otherwise we could have had her.

We have our enclosure trap out and placed, with volunteers monitoring, so cross your fingers that she goes in this time (we are using a different trap now since she wouldn't go in the other one).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Desperately need help to bring our girl home!!!

Hi, all, we have confirmed that Sweetie's territory stretches 6 miles! We want to make sure those 6 miles are HEAVILY fliered this weekend (Saturday). As of right now we don't have very many people coming to the flyering event and we desperately need more. If you can spare even an hour to help out, please come!

Here's the information about the flyering event from an earlier blog post:

Weekend Fliering: 11:00 AM on Saturday, Forestville/District Heights

Please join us this weekend--to those who have come out week after week, thank you for again participating!

Where: Petco; 3034 Donnell Drive
Forestville, MD 20747

When: Saturday, 11 AM

What: Flier the area and search for Sweetie; hand out business cards

What to bring:
- 50 copies of the flier (download at right or leave a comment for us to email you the flier)
- 50 plastic sheet covers (to protect the fliers from rain),
- staple gun or 50 thumbtacks to hang your fliers, tape
- Sweetie's business cards (down load at right or leave a comment for us to email you the business cards), to hand out to folks you meet while fliering
- Stinky treats, like hot dogs or cat food
- A leash
- Water and a snack for you

What to wear: Wear comfortable walking clothing and a red shirt or jacket so we can easily identify you as part of the search team.

If you can't be on site, but still want to help the search effort, please donate! Thank you!

another new sighting!

Sweetie has just been sighted on Insey Street in District Heights . We have someone headed out right now to check it out!


It appears that Miss Sweetie can't decide whether she enjoys Maryland or DC more, and goes back and forth. The sighting from yesterday was confirmed last night, and it appears she shows herself at that location on and off! We also think we may have found her DC den, so we will keep an eye on that and hopefully bring her home soon!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

potential new sighting

Someone reported seeing Sweetie in SE DC running up 30th street by Naylor Garden Apartments at about 9:00pm last night.

We aren't sure if this sighting is actually Sweetie, but we will keep our eye on the area just in case!