Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hi, everyone,

We know where our girl is hanging out and why (near Forestville Road and Suitland Road), but we are having trouble with manpower. We need volunteers for:

1. setting up and monitoring feeding stations (especially an early morning shift)
2. responding to sighting calls (which would generally involve looking for signs of Sweetie, talking to people in the area, and setting up a feeding station, if necessary--it most likely will not involve CATCHING Sweetie, since she's afraid of people)
3. fliering--we need help even if it's outside of the fliering events

If you would like to help but can not help on site, please consider a monetary donation. Since we're bringing in professional help (with both the tracker an a trapper), we need to raise funds to pay for this assistance (use the chipin link on the right side of the page to donate securely)! Thanks!

Please post a comment if you can help!


  1. I will be avaliable all next week to help. My email is

  2. Thanks Kate! I sent you an email!

  3. Drew--we've had a number of sightings and are working to get things updated. If you can join us to help, let us know! Thanks!

  4. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near the area. But wife runs the site Beagles on the Web and has kept a link to this site on the front page.