Monday, February 8, 2010

New sighting today 2/8/10

Our girl is definitely out and about! We had another sighting today around 11:30 AM. She was traveling on Route 4 south/east towards Brooks Ave. When the driver turned around to try and get her, she'd already disappeared.

We are very excited that she found somewhere to rest that keeps her out of the storm, and that she's being seen and is out and about!

Please call us with any sightings; continued sightings are critical to finding Sweetie. We really appreciate and thank everyone calling in sightings; we will bring her home safe!

Some volunteers went out today to check feeding stations and respond to sightings, but it is very hard to get around, and we weren't able to cover everywhere. If anybody lives in the area, or has 4WD and can get around to hang fliers tomorrow, please comment to let us know.


  1. Please consider these resources and see Pet Detective, Kat Albrecht's "The Lost Pet Chronicles" (Bloomsbury, June 2004)- the Bible for reunion. Some sleuths offer a complimentary initial consultation and this book demonstrates how temperament and trajectory could lead to your beloved Sweetie. Lots of good luck! Please see for other links and protective guidelines to prevent outdoor dog shock or electrocution year-round. Thank you.
    Blair Sorrel, Founder,

    Amber Alert

  2. Thanks, Blaire! Please keep spreading the word!