Monday, February 1, 2010

Need daytime fliering help--can you help?

We need to expand the area fliered to a three-mile radius from the last sighting. We need a lot of help to do this--can join us? If yes, please leave a comment!


  1. I might be able to, depending on a lot of things. I work at the Census Bureau, so could do some on my lunch break, which is an hour long.

  2. Hi Dana,
    Thanks so much for volunteering to help Sweetie. The flier file is located on the right hand side of the blog. All fliers need to be hung in plastic page protectors to keep the safe from the weather. Our focus is to flier a three mile radius of where Sweetie went missing. We have a map set up that is also available on the blog. The areas marked in red (on the right) will show specific places we are trying to focus on. Also, we are looking to flier the government property at Suitland, so if thats where you work - that could be ideal since we can't get on the property. If you have any questions please email Daphne at

  3. Yes, that's where I work. I can check with security to see if the fliers are OK. They are weird about stuff like that. But, if not, I've been telling people about her, and will give some to friends to at least hang in their cubicles for when people visit them!

    I sent a message to my husband that sometime this week (probably Thursday, or Monday of next week if not) we need to get out at lunchtime and hang fliers.

  4. Actually, if we can get to the store tonight, we'll probably go out tomorrow.