Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweetie In The News!!!

Sweetie has made the news!!

Now we just have to bring her home to help her celebrate her new found fame! Please plan to join us on Sunday at 11am for a fliering push at the Burger King parking lot in the Penn Crossing shopping center. The address is:

5730 Silver Hill Road, District Heights, MD‎

After a long night of monitoring a feeding station that Sweetie seems to be frequenting, we closed up the humane trap with no luck. We are hoping that with the fliering push and new sitings we can bring this pup in from out of the cold.


  1. I saw the news article and have reposted it on my Beagle Blog

    I hope you find her soon!

    Kari, The Beagle Corner

  2. I work at the census bureau and have told lots of people about sweetie! I hope she's safe and sound soon!

  3. Thanks, Kari and Dana, for spreading the word! We'll be out on Sunday to flier at 11:00 am--please join us if you can!